Frequently asked questions for Smartscribe  Subscription Plan
1. What is the offer all about? What is the intent here?
• It is a new way of on-boarding and welcoming you to the world of VERO, with an offer for a machine at very low price. This offer comes with 12 month contract: each month you will pay a fee. Your monthly fee becomes credit of the same amount that you can use to buy whatever VERO product you want and build your own coffee experience. You can use it to buy VERO Coffees, delicious treats, cups or other accessories (cannot use VERO Credits to buy coffee machine or milk frother). You can use your credit whenever you want. It is cumulative (you don’t need to spend it all every month) actually, you can use it even 12 months after the expiration of your 12 month contract.

2. For an Infuso, I need to pay 12 x Rs. 1499 = Rs.17,988! That is way more than the RRP of the machine (Rs.12,999) – Why is that?
• In fact, the machine actually comes to you at just Re.1. Do not forget that you can use the full amount that you pay every month to buy coffee, delicious treats, cups or other accessories (cannot use VERO Credits to buy coffee machine or milk frother), in a very flexible manner. To sum up, the Rs.17,988 will be for you to use over the next 2 years (12 months + 12 months validity) for all your coffee moments. So in a year you get goods worth Rs. 30,987 by paying only Rs.17,988.

3. For an Infuso and a Milk Frother, I need to pay 12 x Rs. 1999 = Rs.23,988! That is way more than the RRP of the machine (Rs.12,999+ Rs.3,999= Rs.16,998) – Why is that?
• In fact, machine and the frother actually comes to you at Re.1. Do not forgot that you can use the full amount that you pay every month to buy coffee, delicious treats, cups or other accessories (cannot use VERO Credits to buy coffee machine or milk frother), in a very flexible manner. To sum up, the Rs.23,988 will be for you to use over the next 2 years (12 months + 12 months validity) for all your coffee moments. So in a year you get goods worth Rs.40,986 by paying only Rs.23,988.

4. Will I own the machine after successfully taking the subscription / signing the contract ?
• Yes, you will own the machine from day 1 of the start of your subscription or delivery of the machine(s) whichever comes first

5. Does the machine have the same warranty as a purchased machine?
• Yes

6. What are the terms of warranty?
• Terms of Warranty:
a. VERO Warranty validity period: 1 year from the date of purchase of the product mentioned on invoice copy (proof-of-purchase)
b. To avail service under warranty either a valid invoice copy or serial number is a must
c. If you require service but have lost your proof-of-purchase and have not registered your machine with VERO immediately after purchase, the warranty shall be deemed to have started in 2 months from the date of import derived from the serial number of the machine
d. The best way to register your warranty in case of purchase from any other retailer (online & offline) other than VERO website, is by contacting VERO Customer Care as below: Email us on :, Or call us on 1800 123 8888 or visit
e. Where a repair of internal spare parts is impossible, VERO will replace the product with another product of similar functionality based on availability. After a repair, or replacement the warranty period will continue from the date of the original purchase.
• The warranty does not apply if:
f. The proof-of-purchase has been altered in any way or is made illegible
g. The model number, serial number or production date on the product has been altered, removed or made illegible
h. Repairs or product modifications have been carried out by an unauthorized service organisation or person
i. The defect is a result of excessive use outside the intended purpose, misuse like putting any other liquid than water in the removable water tank of the machine
j. The defect is caused by connecting any other equipment  / accessories other than those recommended in the user manual
k. The unit has been damaged, including but not limited to damage by lightning, abnormal voltage, fire, natural disaster, transportation or water (unless the user manual expressly states that the product may be rinsed or breakage by user manhandling)

7. Service outside warranty period
• To obtain the service post expiry of warranty period please contact the VERO Customer Care at 1800 123 8888 or email at To be able to help you efficiently when you contact VERO Customer Care for machine service related matters please have the following handy
a. The product type, model name and Serial Number of the product
b. The proof-of-purchase (original invoice or cash receipt) including the date of purchase, dealer name and model number of the product

8. How is the credit applied?
• The Credit is applied, every month, upon the payment of the monthly fee, directly and automatically on your VERO account (you have nothing to do and you can check your VERO Credits online on your profile on or by calling VERO).

9. How soon is the Credit applied after the monthly payment has been taken?
• Credit Card payment: Same day.
• Direct Debit Payment: Payment with DDC (Direct Debit Card)  will occur every month on the day that you started +/- 5 days. E.g. If you start on the 15th of January, payments will occurs between the 12th -18th of each subsequent month and the credit will be credited on your VERO account within the same time frame.

10. Can the credit be accumulated e.g. if not used for 4 months will the amount of credits be carried over?
• YES, VERO Credits can be accumulated; you can buy whenever you want from with your accrued credit points. On checkout you can opt use of credit or payment through another method or a combination of both.  You can also use your Credit only partially, it will still carry over. In fact, VERO Credits will even be valid / usable up to 12 months after the end of your 12 month contract.

11. If I change my mind, can I cancel with no fees?
• Yes, you can as long as it is during the Cooling-Off period that lasts 14 days and starts upon the date of signature of your contract (or reception of your machine, whichever comes first). To cancel, please call VERO on 1800 123 8888. You will need to return the machine to us in good state (and any other product bought with Credit – Capsules sleeves should be unopened): you will then be entitled to a full refund of 1 Rs. (for the machine) + first monthly fee. If you wish to keep some items bought with your Credits you can (we will deduct the value from the refund of your monthly fees)

12. What happens if I wish to cancel my subscription before the end of the contract (after the cooling-off period of 14 days)?
• The duration of your contract is 12 months. However, if you wish to cancel before the end of the contract and after the cooling off period of 14 days, as described above, you can by calling VERO on 1800 123 8888:
• You will only have to pay the cancellation fee that corresponds to the plan that you have chosen: Rs.11,200 for the Infuso Plan, Rs.13,899 for the Infuso & Milk Frother Plan.
• Your machine is still yours to keep.
• Your remaining Credits will still be available for you to use to buy VERO product for 12 months after the date of cancellation (however, you will not be entitled to a refund in cash for any monthly fees already paid).
• Please note that after the 12 month term your subscription plan will automatically expire:  monthly fees will not be charged any longer.
• Your remaining credits will be available to use for 12 months  after the date of expiration

13. Why do you need my ID? Why do you need these checks?
• By Choosing a VERO subscription, you get a machine at very low price and accept specific terms and conditions. VERO needs to make sure that nobody else than you is taking commitment under your name or provides stolen/wrong payment information.  These are also common practice for subscription contracts such as your phone company, when they give you a mobile phone or a modem, with your subscription to their service, for instance.

14. How long will I benefit from free delivery?
• You will benefit from free standard deliveries for the duration of your contract (12 months). Please note that there will still be a minimal requirement, order value should be of  Rs. 1,950 or more, as this is the minimum size of the packages that we use for shipping (to guarantee that the items arrive to you in good conditions). Once your contract terminates (or in case of early cancellation on your part) you will need to order at least 200 capsules to benefit from free delivery.

15. Can I purchase limited edition products with my credits
• Yes

16. Can I pay COD for the machine?
• If you wish to pay by cash, we have other offers that will interest you. To be a part of this, payment has to be online, through an auto-debit mode.

17. I see a special discount price on sleeves on your social media page. Am I eligible for this pricing using my credit points?
• NO, you will not be able to avail that offer using the credit points.

18. How do I change my billing information?
• To change your billing information, simply navigate to “My Account.” As always, you can also call us for help at 1800 123 8888

19. The machine malfunctions post the 14 day period. I don’t want to pay the cancellation charges.
• The machine is under one year warranty from the time its purchased. We will fix it for free for any issue with spare parts. Any external or physical damage is not covered under warranty . Please refer point on Terms of Warranty to check what all is covered under warranty. Post the expiry of warranty period you can avail the services at a cost which will be shared as and when a service request / complaint is placed.

20. I’m unhappy with the product within the 14 days trial. Please send someone to pick it up. What is your returns system?
• You need to send the machine to us at VERO Coffee & Beverages Pvt Ltd. Ground Floor, Viraj Towers, Western Express Highway, Andheri East, Mumbai 400069 .
• No open capsule boxes / packs will be taken back. Once the machine reaches us clean and packed in the box sent we will return the 1st month money and Re.1 post checking the machine and box condition to ensure no damages due to any mishandling.

21. I want a machine for my office as well. Will you send me another one?
• This is only home subscription plan.
• Please note that per ID and address we will provide only a single machine.

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