Coffee Machine + Milk Frother At Just ₹1!

You Pay – ₹2,999 / per month for 12 successive months
You Get – ₹2,999 / month to spend on VERO Coffee Capsules
12 months payment validation, redeemable until 24 months
Free Cancellation within first 14 days from the date of first payment

2,999.00 / month for 12 months

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Why should you subscribe?

This is a new way of onboarding and welcoming you to the world of VERO, with an offer for a VERO Infuso Pro coffee machine and Milk Frother of your choice at just ₹1. This offer comes with 12 month contract: each month you will pay a fee. Your monthly fee gets added to your “VERO Wallet” of the same amount that you can use to buy VERO Coffee Capsules.

12 Month VERO Smart Subscription Plan

  1. VERO Infuso Pro worth ₹12,999 and Milk Frother worth ₹3,999 at just ₹1. The machine is Nespresso compatible, and equipped with a perfected extraction system to release the best flavours and aromas from the coffee capsule. VERO’s fabulous milk frother helps you create a luxurious cappuccino or latte.
  2. Machines worth ₹16,998
  3. You get at ₹1! You save ₹16,997

Fair Price

  1. The VERO Smart Subscription Plan couldn’t be simpler. Select one of our plan, pay the 1st month fee. We deliver right to your door the machine
  2. The fee is converted to “VERO Wallet” money (₹1= 1 Wallet Money) and you are free to use the “VERO Wallet” money to make purchases from, for the VERO coffee capsules

  3. ORDER When You Want. No compulsion to use the “VERO Wallet” money every month. You can accumulate “VERO Wallet” Money up to 2 years. No loss at all as 1 “VERO Wallet” Money= ₹1.

  4. Make purchases using “VERO Wallet” money in your account

  5. Free home delivery.

No Compromise

  1. VERO is incredibly affordable. And we stand by the taste of our uniquely crafted Indian coffee blends
  2. We’re so confident you’ll love it that we’re offering you a 14 days Trial period (Money Back Guarantee) with your subscription


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