Earn ₹225 every month for 6 successive months to spend on “VERO Coffee”! Offer details mentioned below:

  1. Pay ₹1,500 every month for 6 successive months.
  2. VERO will convert your monthly payments into VERO Wallet Money(₹1 = 1 VERO Wallet ).
  3. VERO will add ₹225 over & above your monthly payment to your VERO Wallet (monthly VERO Wallet Money- 1,725).
  4. Use your Vero Wallet to buy coffee capsules from
  5. You get additional 3-months period to consume your accumulated VERO Wallet once you successfully complete the 6-month payment validity.
  6. Your accumulated VERO Wallet will be forfeited once you complete nine months (from the date you made the first payment towards your subscription).

1,500.00 / month for 6 months



Frequently asked questions for VERO Home Business Subscription Plan

1. What is the offer all about? What is the intent here?

  • It is a new way of on-boarding and welcoming you to the world of VERO Coffee, with an irresistible offer price. This offer comes with a 6-month contract: each month you pay a fee. Your monthly fee gets added to your VERO Wallet (along with your “Wallet Bonus” for the month) that you can use to buy VERO Coffee Capsules of your choice from our website. Choose from a wide variety of product offerings. Pay a fix rate depending on the plan you choose. You can use your Wallet money whenever you want. It is cumulative (you don’t need to spend it all every month) actually, you can use it even 3 months after the expiration of your 6- month contract.

2. Does your coffee come with the same freshness guarantee as the ones I buy now (at MRP) ?

  • Yes

3. What are the terms of warranty?

  • Terms of Warranty: 
  1. VERO will replace any coffee capsule that fails to please your palate.
  2. To avail replacement under warranty, a valid invoice copy is a must
  3. Register your concern by contacting Vero Customer Care at below: Email us on :, or, call us on 1800 123 8888 within 30 days from the date of purchase.
  • The warranty does not apply if:
  1. The capsules are used in a machine not compatible with the product
  2. The issue is registered after 30 days from the date of purchase

4. How is the Wallet Money applied?

  • The Wallet Money is applied, every month, upon the successful payment of the monthly fee, directly and automatically to your VERO account (you have nothing to do and you can check your VERO Wallet online on your profile on or by calling VERO).

5. How soon is the Money added to the wallet after the monthly payment has been taken?

  • Same day.

6. Can the Wallet Money be accumulated e.g. if not used for 6 months will the amount of Wallet Money be carried over?

  • YES, VERO Wallet Money can be cumulated; you can buy whenever you want from with your Wallet Money. On checkout you can opt to use of Wallet or payment through another method or a combination of both.  You can also use your Wallet Money partially, it will still carry over. In fact, VERO Wallet will even be valid/usable up to 3 months after the end of your 6-month contract (billing period).

7. What happens if I wish to cancel my subscription before the end of the contract (after the cooling-off period of 14 days)?

  • The duration of your contract is 6 months. However, if you wish to cancel before the end of the contract and after the cooling-off period of 14 days, described above, you can by calling VERO on 1800 123 8888: 
  • Your remaining Wallet money will still be available for you to use to buy VERO coffee for 3 months after the date cancellation (however, you will not be entitled to a refund in the form of cash for any monthly fees already paid). 
  • Please note that after the 6 months term, your subscription plan will automatically expire:  monthly fees will not be charged any longer.

8. Why do you need my ID? Why do you need these checks?

  • By Choosing a VERO subscription, you get VERO Coffee Capsules at a ridiculously low price and accept specific terms and conditions. VERO needs to make sure that nobody else than you is taking commitment under your name or provides stolen/wrong payment information.  These are also common practices for subscription contracts such as your phone company, or any OTT subscription, for instance.

9. How long will I benefit from free delivery?

  • You will benefit from free standard deliveries for the duration of your contract (9 months). 

10. Can I purchase limited edition products with my Wallet Money

  • Yes, but you won’t be entitled to the special discounted price which may be otherwise offered to you on the rest of the products.

11. Can I pay COD for the subscription?

  • If you wish to pay by cash, we have other offers that will interest you. To be a part of this, payment has to be online, through an auto-debit mode. 

12. I see a special discount price on sleeves on your social media page. Am I eligible for this pricing using my Wallet Money? 

  • NO, you will not be able to avail of that offer, or, any existing offer using Wallet Money. 

13. How do I change my billing information?

  • To change your billing information, simply navigate to “My Account.” As always, you can also call us for help at 1800 123 8888 

NOTE: Please note that per ID and address we will provide only One subscription


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