Irish Coffee Capsules, Nespresso Compatible

10 pods per sleeve

VERO ‘Irish Coffee’ is a coffee elaborated on a base of finely ground Arabica coffee beans from Southern India, and, is the perfect basis for the VERO ‘Irish Coffee’ flavoured coffee. During the brewing process, the coffee grounds reveal the warm scent and flavour of Irish Whiskey. This magical new flavoured coffee capsule will captivate you, leaving asking for more!


Intensity: 6



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Weight 0.055 kg
Dimensions 7.5 × 3 × 18 cm

3 reviews for Irish Coffee Capsules, Nespresso Compatible

  1. 3 reviews

    Navtej W

    Vero is a tried and tested product. I have had most of its coffee capsules and i found ‘Irish Coffee’ to be the best. I always take my coffee with sugar or milk, so if you do the same, you may find it to be a little dark/stong. Overall, I love this flavor and I would recommend to anyone who likes black coffee.

  2. 3 reviews

    Neeta Chowdhry (verified owner)

    Fabulous taste. Feels very natural and organic

  3. 3 reviews

    Sandy B

    Good coffee and good seller

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