History Of Coffee

Ever wondered from where does your favorite cup of coffee come from? Or what was the history behind coffee becoming one of the most preferred beverages across the world?

Coffee was discovered in 17th Century by a goatherd in Ethiopia who found that his goats were extra energetic after eating fruits from a particular plant. He tried eating the fruit himself but found out that they were bitter. He angrily tossed the remaining fruit that he had in the water that he was boiling for himself to eat. To his surprise, he found out that the boiling water had a pleasing aroma to it. He decided to taste the water out of curiosity, and to his surprise he found himself rejuvenated and less hungry!

Despite the Ethiopians and Arabs guarding their coffee plantations with utmost care, many foreigners including a few Indians managed to smuggle the coffee beans out of the region and started planting them in South Asia and South-East Asian countries. As a result of which, the popularity of coffee not only grew but it also started becoming one of the most sought beverages across the world.

Coffee is extremely popular in India especially down in the south. Coffee growth is also extensive in this part of the country. There are vast coffee plantations in places like Coorg, Kodagu, Chikkamagaluru, Yercaud, being the prominent ones.

There’s a lot that goes into the processing and making of the coffee that you have back at the comfort of your homes or cafes. But let us tell you one thing, when you enjoy taking your first sip of coffee, we find every effort that we have taken worth every moment of it!

Happy brewing and drinking!