Go Green!

We all know how coffee is most of our lifelines! And now, we have something better and healthier for you, which is the one and only, “Green Coffee!” Do you know all the amazing benefits of green coffee? If not, here we are to enlighten you on the wonderful things this coffee can do to you apart from falling in love with it..

Green Coffee beans are unroasted seeds of the plant Coffea Arabica. During roasting, the natural antioxidants present in the coffee beans are removed, which is not at all beneficial for our health. But as these green coffee beans do not go through the same procedure, they are considered as highly beneficial for our overall health. Below are some of the benefits:

  • Fat burner: These beans contain large amount of kelp. It is a certain type of seaweed loaded with essential vitamins and minerals. So, it helps in maintaining the levels of nutrients in our body and perks up the burning metabolism of our body so that we can burn out unwanted fat and calories fast.
  • Rich in anti-oxidants: They are rich in antioxidants, which reduces the damaging effects of free radicals in our body. The raw and unprocessed green coffee beans possess 100% pure Chlorogenic Acid (CGA), which is basically an ester of caffeic acid having strong antioxidant properties. It can put a check on the levels of glucose in our bloodstream and prevent our skin cells from getting dented.

  • Goodbye Diabetes: These green beans are also capable of treating Type 2 Diabetes successfully. Their extract is known to lower high levels of sugar in our bloodstream, while accelerating weight loss.
  • Aging? (What’s that?): These beans are also known to retain high levels of volatile materials as they do not need to undergo the roasting procedure. Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid (GABA), Theophylline, Epigallocatechin Gallate, etc. are some of such ingredients that can help us maintain our skin health and avert the appearance of wrinkles. (Wink Wink)
  • Dreamy silky hair: Antioxidant content of green coffee beans is equally beneficial for our hair. As it helps us fight against everything toxic and damaging, our hair remains strong, healthy and beautiful.

It’s just beautiful how nature works its natural way to help us out. So, Go Green! Give this coffee a try and see how it makes a difference, y