Good Morning, Coffee Lovers! How have you been doing? How’s the caffeine treating you? Letting you survive each day, we hope. We know that a lot of you beautiful people love coffee to an extent, but did you know how it’s made around the world? It’s quite interesting and will make your taste buds tingle (OBVIOUSLY). With that said, let’s grab an aromatic cup of coffee and read ahead!

  • India: Indian filter coffee, which is extremely popular in the south, is very slowly brewed using a special filter device and served in a metal tumbler. Extremely potent, it is usually mixed with milk and sugar before being enjoyed. (Oh, you lovely thing!)

  • Cuba: Coffee has been an integral part of life in Cuba since the 18th century. A café Cubano is a sweet and strong espresso which is mixed with sugar while it brews.

  • Japan: In Japan, both hot and cold coffee is readily available in cans from vending machines and supermarkets.

  • Mexico: Café de olla is a delicious spiced coffee, flavored with a cinnamon stick and an unrefined sugar called piloncillo. The drink is traditionally served in clay pots, which are said to impart a slightly earthy taste to the drink. (OMG!)

  • Vietnam: Iced coffee is enjoyed all over the world. In Vietnam, the drink is usually made with dark roast coffee and sweetened condensed milk. (Busy drooling…)

  • Ethiopia: It is the birthplace of coffee. Women often spend 2-3 hours making the coffee, from roasting the beans to serving it to family and guests and use a special spouted pot known as a jebena to make it. Talk about traditions!

  • Turkey: A Turkish proverb tells us that “Coffee should be black as hell, strong as death and sweet as love”. Making the perfect Turkish cup involves boiling extremely finely-ground coffee beans in a pot known as a cevze, with sugar and water, before pouring the drink into small cups. Just wow!

  • Austria: There’s nothing better than relaxing in a beautiful Austrian coffee house with a wiener melange – a delicious cappuccino-style drink of coffee topped with milk foam. Holy mother of coffee! ❤️


Super cool, isn’t it? This surely calls for a re-fill! What say? 😉