Question to all the coffee aficionados out there! Don’t you agree to this fact that coffee is your ultimate lifeline? Ever imagined a world without coffee? Let’s not even go there, right? To those who agree without hesitation or a thought that this is a fact after all, cheers! But, to those who did hesitate to answer this thinking, “Really?”- below are few of the major reasons why coffee is craved by so many.

Let’s begin with having mind blowing conversations over it. There are always beautiful and memorable memories behind a cuppa’ coffee. For instance, a date. Though this is a modern world where dates happen at a bar or at a diner, a simple date over a hot cup of coffee is not quite dead yet (YAY). Most cafés and coffee shops have art on the walls, music playing and various topics to talk about as you grab your caffeine fix. This can be great material for your conversation.

Then, we have the serious dragging business meetings? Solution: COFFEE! Caffeine helps you focus better. It is a stimulant that makes you more alert and awake. Nobody wants to discuss business with someone who is sluggish or distracted, right? Just one cup of regular coffee might be all you need to get physically/mentally set for the meet and raise the tempo of your discussion.

How about that dreadful Sunday morning? Sunday morning can be despised by some, after the Saturday night party- when you are super hungover and feeling energy-less after being pumped up the whole night…rings a bell? Lemon juice can only be a temporary feel good remedy. But coffee can make your Sunday morning so lively and amazing that you are going to forget that you ever were having ‘them blues.’

When you are chilling with yourself in peace, you must try this deadly combo of happiness. Something you love doing (reading a good book maybe?) + Coffee = Peace of mind. There is this uncanny connection between books and coffee that goes beyond the feeling of coziness induced when we wrap one hand around a warm mug and use the other hand to turn the pages of whatever you are reading. It is a lovely feeling that no words can do justice to. You should just check it out and see for yourself.

Coffee is pure pleasure and satisfaction redefined- can’t deny it. This can go on and on, you know? There is no end to describe why coffee is literally your lifeline and can make this world a much better place- always, any day, anywhere and anytime!
As the poet R.M. Engelhardt once wrote, “A cup of coffee is this little thing that can get us through this sometimes weary world and all the rainy days.”