The Culture of Modern Coffee Drinkers

blog-img2-topThe history of coffee is infused with legend. The legend is said to have begun with sleepless goats. Coffee has become the world’s most popular drink after water since the 19th century. While coffee has been charming people since time immemorial there is nothing one can do except fall head-over-heels all over again!
With the technology advancing and our demand rising, the beverage too has taken to surprising the modern coffee connoisseurs with the spectacular VERO.


VERO Coffee brings to you authentic flavours tailor made for individual taste, infused in special capsules. It brings a twist to coffee lovers by treating them to a café styled coffee right at home.



VERO’s premium blends come from the best coffee plantations across India.  Superior quality is the drive behind every VERO capsule and discovering new frontiers of taste is behind every coffee lover’s relish!


Globally, coffee is an ancient tradition, although each country varies in its preparation methods. No matter how or where: all over the world, coffee brings people together and encourages socialisation“.

In today’s day coffee can be considered as a hot ICE-BREAKER. People brainstorm with coffee in hand, have soul-searching conversations over coffee, enjoy a spilling the beans session with friends and many more.

Coffee-breaks on the other hand is one of the most relaxing and interactive breaks introduced by man.

At the end of the day one wants to dive into a coffee the way each of us love to drink!

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