Discover what makes our coffee capsule deliver the perfect coffee

You love your cup of coffee. The aroma, the texture and the taste energise all your senses. But, if grinding the beans, spooning out the ground coffee, or boiling the kettle is too troublesome for you. Then Vero could be the thing you are looking for. Vero packs all the joys of coffee into a hassle-free, disposable, plastic capsule, delivering the perfect cup at a push of a button.


How do we do this? Let’s start with our coffee capsule.  Similar to a teabag, the coffee capsule is designed to deliver a pre-portioned serving of exquisite coffee. But, what makes these capsules special?

Like the best of wines, the process of making the best coffee starts from selecting the finest raw materials. From premium coffee plantations across India, red, cherry shaped coffee fruits are harvested, when they are perfectly ripe.  The fruits are hand-picked to guarantee the best quality.

Superior quality is the drive behind every Vero capsule. To ensure each and every cup is perfect, the beans are removed from the fruit and then sorted by size and density. Then finally it is sorted by colour, both by hand and electronically.

After sorting, the beans are roasted to enhance the taste. The perfect roasting is determined by time, temperature and other factors suited to the blend. Since poor roasting can ruin the finest coffee, an expert develops a specific roast profile for each blend, to deliver an authentic coffee experience.

Grinding releases the hidden aromas in coffee. The grind technique enhances the flavour and adds texture to every coffee. Since every coffee is different, the grinding technique used is different for different blends.

Finally, the coffee is packed in a capsule and sealed, so that nothing can interfere with the quality of the coffee when it is delivered straight to your cup.